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London, Grand Bend, St-Thomas, Strathford, Ilderton


Welcome - July 2014

Summer is in full swing and it certainly feels great. Donít forget to water in any of your new plantings. Come check out whatís in store regarding perennials, trees, and shrubs as well as our gift room. Itís never too late to plant!

Nursery Stock
Our trees, shrubs and evergreens selling fast but we still have a large selection of colour and size left. Please contact us for variety and pricing. Once again, if you canít find what youíre looking for, we can certainly order it in!

All annuals are now 50% off. Itís never too late to plant so add that splash of instant colour right now!

Perennials are Blooming
With the spring being so wonderful to us, the growing season is shaping up to be a lush one and our perennials are looking good! We stock everything from your common, reliable varieties to specialty garden treasures. Come on out and check out our perennial racks or inquire by phone or email. If we donít have what youíre looking for, we can certainly order it in!

Emerald Cedars
Why do we carry Ontario grown Emerald Cedars and not West Coast Emerald Cedars? Ontario grown cedars stand up to Ontarioís harsh and often dramatic temperature fluctuations while the temperate grown west coast cedars tend to have a harder time adapting to this climate. Plus, our cedars are locally grown and havenít been trucked in from far away. Coming very soon!

Cutting Edge Grass Seed
Finally, a low maintenance Kentucky Bluegrass. This new type of Kentucky Blue Grass offers fast germination, drought resistance, salt tolerance, lateral spreading and is generally more pest resistant than other leading brands of grass seed. For more information, please contact us or go to their website at

The Home Section of the London Free Press
Please look inside the Home Section of the London Free Press every Saturday and refer to the articles by Denise Hodgins who writes about everything and anything thatís a hot topic in gardening. Denise is a fantastic column writer whose passion for gardening really stands out through her choice of subject matter. Whether itís spring cleanup or an outstanding line of plants begging to be exposed, Denise will keep you up to date. Donít get the paper? Check it out here:

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